The Advance Care Planning Dashboard is the main screen that shows the summary of patient's advance care plan. The dashboard is split between the POLST summary which displays actionable items and the bottom displays all other related documents.

POLST Summary View

Clicking on the POLST summary will bring you directly to the PDF document. If the POLST was completed using the Vynca system, the POLST summary will display actionable orders directly on the summary. Otherwise, the POLST was scanned, and will display a thumbnail.

Vynca ePOLST Summary The summary for a POLST completed on Vynca

Uploaded POLST Summary The summary for an uploaded POLST

No Active POLST When no active POLST are found

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All Documents

On the bottom of the screen shows all documents, ie POLST, Advanced Directives.
The documents are grouped together depending on type, with the thumbnail for the active document being displayed.

This section will have different functionality enabled depending on your role.

For Signers, Viewers, and Preparers

Related Documents

For Uploaders

Related Documents

There are multiple actions that can be performed on the documents. Click on the expand menu icon to bring up the action menu.

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